A combined event featuring the Twelfth Darnell Power Forum (DPF '15) + the Seventh Green Building Power Forum (GBPF '15) + the Sixth Smart Grid Electronics Forum (SGEF '15).

"'Software-defined power' will be the unifying theme of this year's Darnell Energy Summit. But no software runs without hardware," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group. "Advances in power conversion technologies, micro grids and advanced smart grid implementations will be equally highlighted at this year's Summit," Shepard concluded.


Smart Grid Electronics Forum

Control, Communications and Security will be three of the major themes of SGEF '15. The successful deployment of the smart grid will be dependent on numerous technology and standards developments for electronic equipment. For the smart grid to have benefits, it must be able to reliably communicate to the downstream loads and also be able to turn these loads on/off or turn them up/down as appropriate. Some of the areas of focus for SGEF '15 will include:

  • Power Clouds
  • Communications Standards and Protocols
  • Networking/Embedded Computing Needs
  • Applications and Demonstration Projects
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Smart Loads and Demand-Side Management
  • Supporting Electric Vehicles and Plug-Hybrids
  • Large-Scale Energy Storage
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring Sensors
  • Advance Metering Infrastructure
  • Real-Time Control Methods
  • Integration of Distributed Generation Resources
  • Supporting and Enabling Micro Grids
  • Power Quality Considerations
  • And more

Green Building Power Forum

GBPF '15 will consider all aspects of building power including high-voltage and low-voltage dc distribution, hybrid ac and dc distribution architectures, and dc micro grids. A convergence of technologies is occurring that will change how buildings are powered. These technologies include the continued rapid growth of distributed generation (DG) resources; the emergence of high-efficiency lighting technologies; wireless building automation systems; demand-side management of building energy use by electric utilities; and more. Some of the areas of focus for GBPF '15 will include:

  • Software-Defined Microgrids
  • Selection of the Optimal DC Voltage
  • Integration of DG Resources
  • Maximizing Overall Efficiency
  • DC Lighting Systems and DC Appliances
  • DC HVAC and other Building Systems
  • Building Automation and Controls
  • DC Micro Grids
  • DC Data Centers
  • Safety Considerations
  • Standardization Issues
  • Hybrid AC and DC Power Architectures
  • Implications for Power Quality
  • Reliability and Availability
  • And more

Darnell's Power Forum

DPF '15 will again be an exciting international event that focuses on "advanced power conversion technologies" you will need for the successful development of next-generation power systems. There is tremendous synergy possible from discussions broadly focused on power management, energy efficiency, advanced components, energy storage, new power architectures, and more. DPF is a solutions-oriented event, with a strong emphasis on practical advances in power electronics. In addition to a strong focus on today's "best practices," DPF looks forward toward next-generation solutions and advances. Some of the areas of focus for DPF '15 will include:

  • Software-Defined Power
  • Advanced Power Components
  • Digital Power Conversion
  • Digital Power Management
  • Energy Harvesting & Storage
  • High-Efficiency System Architectures
  • High-Frequency Power Conversion
  • High-Temperature Power Conversion
  • Packaging & Cooling
  • Portable Power
  • Supercapacitors & Ultracapacitors
  • Thin-Film Batteries
  • And more

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